Taylor Sands

Taylor Sands

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Year of birth - 1992, country - Holland. Debut in the strawberry 2014. Where are the European beauties can begin to manifest itself in the strawberry? Of course, Pierre Woodman, Sands has already fruitfully with his Studio work. And that Studio Woodman has released the hottest and sexiest videos with her participation. In them Taylor serves on several shafts, all openings substitutes and performs the role of trouble-free beauty. The Libertines did with her everything, got the cutie to show what real sex is powerful. External data it miniature, height 163 cm, weight - 52 kg. And the radiant smile of a girl is remembered for a long time, as well as her incomparable sexual favors in front of the cameras. When it starts and escalates, Taylor Sands fast from a cute girl turns into a real beast and shows that powerful debauchery is what brings her real pleasure and enjoyment. Social media girl is always posting photos of Frank nature, she willingly demonstrates her charms, making it a bit playful and teasing manner.

Now Taylor Sands in Europe, the famous porn actress and I want to believe that her career in the strawberries and continue to only move up. Pornography with her quickly captivates, attracts and gives a lot of hot sensations. Watch great porn with Sands and get the unforgettable impressions of this delicious process.

About Pornstar

  • Place: Netherlands
  • Date: 18.12.1992

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  • Videos: 121
  • Rating: 100%

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