Zoey Holloway

Zoey Holloway

Zoey Holloway - slutty milf that knows a lot about fucking versatile. In different sexual pleasures Zoe is just incredible, and because of her age she most often engaged in by fucking the young males are like and teaches them all the basics of debauchery and lust. She's over forty, but it's not the age, especially for Chicks that only thirty-six years was in the adult industry.

Born Zoe Holloway in Los Angeles in 1972. Her childhood was not an easy job, as parents Zoe were divorced, and she grew up with his mother and stepfather. While her mother changed partners twice and both later admitted Holloway, both her stepfather raped. However, at the time, she didn't want anyone to talk about it. And at a very early age Zoe left home, wanting to find his place in the world. She was only eighteen years old. And that is why she has tried a lot of work because I needed the money. Holloway worked as an accountant, a waitress, a stripper, a marketer and massage therapist, plus a huge number of various jobs. The last few years, before getting into the strawberry, Zoe studied massage and was working pretty well in this area. Also she was married twice and has two children. Already in a very young age Holloway realized that it is time something drastic changes, because the massage she gave me great satisfaction, but not big money. And beauty went to the adult industry, where he immediately began to actively act in the genre of "mother". The first film with her participation was released in 2009, and in 2010 porn diva won the nomination - best sex scene. And already after a while Charmer gave an interview that she does not regret that ventured to try the strawberry, as all incredibly well for her there. And indeed, zoey Holloway sought-after "mother", which is like ordinary viewers and critics took.

Example Holloway tells us that it is never late to try something new and try to change their lives. Yes and if you look, not fully human to please and have a job that does not bring him good finances. Zoe now earns well, plus the popularity and fame, which does not harm anyone else. Watch hot porn with her participation and receive a huge number of diverse experiences.

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  • Place: United States, Los Angeles
  • Date: 13.08.1972

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  • Videos: 140
  • Rating: 100%

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